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Hi5 Cannabis drink sitting on top of a peach and a mango.

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drink weed.

Welcome to the future, where we drink weed. Unlike traditional edibles, Hi5 Cannabis Beverages don’t take forty-five minutes to hit, or taste like stale brownies made in a dorm room kitchen; and you shouldn’t have to worry about melting into your couch with a head full of helium (unless, of course, that’s what you want). Our cannabis drink line is designed to deliver controlled effects in just 5 minutes, across a variety of delicious THC drink profiles like Hi5 seltzer, Hi5 soda, and Hi5 Energy. Yes, you read that right, a THC drink that offers energy, too. Hi5 cannabis drinks are here to change your edible experience for good. There’s no more worry – and a lot more flavor – when you drink weed.

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Hi5 Cannabis drinks are a group of delicious, fast-acting, weed drinks available at a dispensary near you.

Our first weed drink debuted in Massachusetts in 2021 and has since grown into a portfolio of other cannabis drinks that include infused soda and energy drinks!

Yes, we have a lot of dispensaries that carry them. If you want to start to drink weed, check out where you can find our cannabis drink near you by heading here.

Drinking weed is incredibly fun. It’s a social way to enjoy cannabis that doesn’t make you smell, use your lungs, or call attention to yourself. All that stuff is cool; this is just another method of enjoying cannabis. 

Hi5 Cannabis Beverages come in a variety of drinks, including seltzer, soda, and energy. Popular seltzer flavors include lime, peach mango, and watermelon; soda includes cola, lemon-lime, and cherry cola. Hi5 Energy drinks include a regular and sugar-free version. Check out our Drinks page to see the variety of weed drinks you can buy!

Our Hi5 THC drinks can take up to five minutes to feel the effects. Unlike traditional edibles, our THC drink line helps you feel the effects faster.

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Questions? Chat with our team!

Questions? Chat with our team!