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Hi5 Beverage Dispensary

Lowest prices and best selection in the state guaranteed.

Get ready to dive into a world of refreshment like never before.

Enjoy wholesale pricing on all your favorite beverage brands! The Hi5 beverage dispensary is located just minutes from Boston in the city of Medford. We’re also located in the same building as Theory Wellness, for all your other cannabis product needs including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and more!

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A THC drink is a fast-acting way to consume cannabis. Bring them to a party, enjoy at home, or consume wherever is legal to do so!

Our Boston Dispensary is located in the city of Medford, just minutes from the city. It can be found at 162 Mystic Avenue, Medford, MA.

We love it when people ask if a dispensary is near me. It shows you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for. Check the distance here.

Drinking Weed is a ton of fun. you get the effects of cannabis consumption in a sleek new form that doesn’t raise eyebrows at a party or with your family during the holidays. 

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Questions? Chat with our team!

Questions? Chat with our team!