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Good Feels
Cannabis Infused Seltzers

We’re thrilled to announce that Good Feels is an Exclusive Partner for the Hi5 Beverage Dispensary!

Good Feels is known for its impeccable fusion of refreshing, high-quality cannabis beverages. Good Feels redefined the cannabis-infused drink landscape, presenting a diverse array of flavors and effects to cater to individual preferences. With Good Feels’ THC drinks offered in a variety of cannabis seltzers and beverage enhancers, the experience becomes a harmonious blend of taste and relaxation. It’s an invitation to well-being, crafted by Good Feels for all to savor.

Welcome to the future, where we drink weed.

How to Get Here:

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Visiting Us:

The Hi5 Beverage dispensary is conveniently located near a range of cities and towns in the Boston metro area, including:

10 minutes from downtown Boston
10 minutes from Somerville
20 minutes from Cambridge


When you consume Good Feels seltzers, the THC enters your bloodstream and interacts with receptors in your brain and body. The effects typically set in within a reasonable amount of time, which can vary based on the individual’s metabolism and the type and amount of cannabinoids used.

Good Feels seltzers have zero calories and zero sugar.

A THC drink is a fast-acting way to consume cannabis. Bring them to a party, enjoy at home, or consume wherever is legal to do so!

Our Boston Dispensary is located in the city of Medford, just minutes from the city. It can be found at 162 Mystic Avenue, Medford, MA.

We love it when people ask if a dispensary is near me. It shows you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for. Check the distance here.

Drinking Weed is a ton of fun. you get the effects of cannabis consumption in a sleek new form that doesn’t raise eyebrows at a party or with your family during the holidays. 

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Questions? Chat with our team!

Questions? Chat with our team!