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Hi5 THC Soda

Hi5 Cola Soda blends fast-acting THC with the classic refreshment of your favorite cola. It’s two of life’s most extraordinary things working together to make all of your dreams come true. Each 4-pack includes four 12-ounce cans designed to take effect in five minutes.

Four 12 fl oz cans

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Fast Acting


gluten free

hangover free

Hi5 THC Soda

Hi5 THC sodas are not your average cannabis sodas. Infused with fast-acting THC, they are the perfect way to get through a long day. With refreshing flavors such as cola, lemon-lime, and cherry-cola, Hi5 THC sodas provide a fun, adult twist to the sodas you grew up with. So crack open a Hi5 THC soda and experience your favorite flavors like never before when you drink weed.

gluten free

hangover free


Hi5 Sodas are offered in a variety of popular flavors including cola, orange, cherry cola, lemon lime and Mr Pif, our take on a classic peppery drink.

Hi5 Soda is a cannabis-infused beverage that doesn’t contain any caffeine. Unlike traditional energy drinks or sodas, Hi5’s beverages are designed to provide a unique and refreshing experience that combines the benefits of THC and/or CBD with your favorite familiar flavors and ingredients.

Drinking weed is incredibly fun. It’s a social way to enjoy cannabis that doesn’t make you smell, use your lungs, or call attention to yourself. All that stuff is cool; this is just another method of enjoying cannabis. 

Unlike those heavy and calorie-laden alcoholic drinks, Hi5’s cannabis drinks offer a zero-calorie and all-natural alternative that won’t weigh you down. Hi5 seltzers provide a unique and enjoyable buzz that won’t leave you feeling groggy or out of it.

When you drink weed, there’s no need to worry about suffering through a brutal hangover the next day. Just pop open a can and enjoy the refreshing taste of natural flavors and bubbly goodness, all while reaping the benefits of cannabis.

Our Hi5 weed sodas can take up to five minutes to feel the effects. Unlike traditional edibles, our THC drink line helps you feel the effects faster. 

Our weed sodas can be found at dispensaries all across legal markets. if you’re interested in finding out if our cannabis drinks are available near you, click here.