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Hi5 Sugar Free Energy

Hi5 THC Energy Drink

Hi5 Sugar Free Energy is a cannabis infused energy drink with fast-acting THC, 80mg of caffeine, and — you guessed it — zero sugar. Sweetened with monk fruit and designed for rapid-onset, Hi5 Sugar Free Energy is made to lift you up quickly and keep you there. Best of all, you don’t need to jump a motorcycle over 12 school buses to enjoy it.

Four 12 fl oz cans

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80MG Caffeine

Fast Acting


gluten free

hangover free

Hi5 THC Energy Drink

Hi5 THC energy drinks are the perfect match of caffeine and cannabis, infused with fast-acting THC to give you a boost of energy and euphoria like never before. Designed to help you power through a long day or stay up all night, Hi5 THC energy drinks are an ideal choice when you drink weed.

gluten free

hangover free


Currently, we offer one flavor in two styles – regular and sugar-free. Our sugar-free version contains no sugar and is flavored with monkfruit. As we continue to expand, we’ll introduce new flavors. To stay updated on our latest offerings, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Hi5 energy drinks have 5mg of THC and 80mg of caffeine. 

Hi5 is designed to take effect quickly and wear off relatively quickly, typically within 5-10 minutes to 2 hours. The effects of weed energy drinks can vary depending on factors such as dosage, individual tolerance, and metabolism.

Drinking weed is incredibly fun. It’s a social way to enjoy cannabis that doesn’t make you smell, use your lungs, or call attention to yourself. All that stuff is cool; this is just another method of enjoying cannabis. 

Our weed energy drinks can be found at dispensaries all across legal markets. If you’re interested in finding out if our cannabis drinks are available near you, click here