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Cannabis Edibles vs THC Drinks

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No doubt, weed drinks are bringing a whole new meaning to drinking for a buzz. From party-goers to micro-dosers, there’s a new breed of people who are all about liquid THC edibles. Weed drinks like Hi5 cannabis seltzers contain fast-acting THC for rapid cannabinoid delivery and a reliable, scalable buzz. But, how can THC act fast, and how does this make cannabis edibles different from cannabis drinks? We’ve got the deets, and by the time we’re finished here, you may be ready to scout out your own new favorite THC drink.

Okay, so what’s a THC drink anyway?

Basically, THC drinks are sippable beverages that are infused with those glorious THC particles that make cannabis so enjoyable. These drinks go by a lot of names, including weed drinks and cannabis-infused beverages. And, even better, the drinks are in different forms like weed seltzers or weed sodas. There’s even a weed energy drink. Much like you would have a cold beer or glass of wine, you simply pop the top on your weed drink, sip, and enjoy the high.

Why would anyone drink THC instead of eating it?

If you like a good THC buzz, but you’re not so keen on smoking, edibles are a good alternative. But, when you munch down a pot brownie or ingest a gummy, the effects are not all that reliable. You could be waiting a questionable amount of time for the high to hit and even then, it’s a bit like a box of chocolates—you never know what kind of experience you’re going to get.

THC drinks are a wholly different experience, both in how you consume the THC and what happens after the fact. You get to sip your cold beverage, feel the effects settle in quickly but slowly instead of like a freight train, and make in-the-moment decisions about how high you want to get.

Cannabis Edibles vs Drinkables – How are the effects different?

The big difference between weed edibles vs weed drinks is the timing of effects. The average edible takes about 30 to 60 minutes to deliver effects. This is because when you eat THC mingled into food ingredients, that THC has to go through the same process of digestion as the food.

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The THC goes through your stomach, your gut, and then gets metabolized by the liver. This process takes a while, and there are a lot of variables along the way that determine when exactly you feel anything and then how intense the effects are when they finally hit. You can eat the exact same THC edible on two different days and have two totally different experiences because the bioavailability is always questionable with ingested cannabinoids.

THC drinks deliver faster effects because the liquidized THC gets broken down in your mouth and stomach faster as you sip on your drink. Depending on the drink, you could start to see effects within 5 to 10 minutes. The THC buzz doesn’t creep up on you unexpectedly because you actually feel what’s happening as you drink.

Some THC drinks, like Hi5 Seltzers, contain fast-acting THC. With these drinks, you literally start getting the telltale hints of a buzz within minutes. Each drink contains 5mg of THC, but those milligrams don’t hit all at once. Instead, you get to drink your seltzer (which, by the way, come in  delicious flavors like Peach Mango and Black Cherry) and fine-tune your THC experience.

How in the world are weed drinkables made?

Good question, and an understandable one. After all, most people associate THC with a solid product: weed. So, it can be hard to imagine how in the world you get something solid into a liquid without changing its consistency. But, THC is simply a molecule found in cannabis, and, as molecules go, they are incredibly small. Therefore, weed drinks are made by extracting those molecules and basically injecting them into a liquid.Fast-acting THC, which is offered in Hi5 THC drinks, is even further manipulated, so the body can absorb the molecules faster. Hi5 uses a state-of-the-art nano-emulsification process that converts the standard THC particle into a much smaller, much easier-to-absorb size. Nano-emulsification takes your standard cannabinoid molecule and does part of the work the body normally does and breaks it down. When the particles hit your tongue, they are already microscopic and partially broken down, so the effects can happen far quicker than usual after THC consumption. Yes, it’s kind of like magic.

Where can you buy a cannabis-infused beverage?

Good news! You won’t have to look for weed drinks thanks to their popularity. In fact, just about every dispensary now has THC drinks of some type. If it’s Hi5 drinks you’re after (and, hey, we can’t blame ya!) be sure to check out the handy-dandy Hi5 finder on our website to track down a dispensary close to home.

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