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A New Kind of Cannabis Energy Drink: Hi5 Energy with THC and Caffeine

Cannabis and caffeine—could it be a match made in heaven? We think it’s the best match since PB&J!

Ask cannabis enthusiasts, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear about the magical combination of cannabis and coffee. But cannabis energy drinks like Hi5 Energy bring those two captivating ingredients together—THC and caffeine—into one sippable drink.

What are the cannabis energy drink effects like? What about a fast-acting weed energy drink like Hi5 Energy? The quick answer is the perfect toss-up between stimulating and refreshing. Check out the longer answers below.

What happens when you combine caffeine with THC?

Because caffeine is a stimulant and THC is known as a depressant (although THC can be both a stimulant and a depressant) the idea of combining caffeine with THC can sound a little odd. It’s easy to assume that one would cancel out the other, but that’s not the case at all.

Instead, when you drink caffeine and THC in a weed energy drink, you get the tell-tale THC buzz but feel more alert than usual. The two effects almost complement each other. You don’t get the caffeine boost that leaves you wired and jittery, and the THC doesn’t leave you feeling sedated, sleepy, or couch-locked. Most people say cannabis energy drink effects are a bit like weed with a little more lift than usual.

Weed energy drinks deliver a “more contained” high. Less foggy and fuzzy and more giddy and alert, much like people claim to experience when they smoke weed with their morning coffee. Now, weed energy drinks give you that whole experience in one easy-to-pop-open beverage.

How do THC and caffeine work with each other?

It’s no secret that THC influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The cannabinoid slips in through whatever consumption method and binds to receptors in the ECS. This binding action takes place until the cannabinoid is broken down or metabolized by the body. THC actually binds to receptors in a way that alters how nerve impulses are transmitted. This is why you feel the euphoric high and altered state of perception.Caffeine works in a totally different way, but it still may influence the ECS. In fact, some research says that caffeine may slow down actions taking place in the ECS. In theory, this could mean that THC may break down slower and produce more profound effects when it is consumed at the same time as caffeine. This theory seems to be backed by a study that found low levels of a stimulant like caffeine reduced how much THC the test subjects desired. But, more studies do need to be done to get a better understanding.

Fast-Acting Weed Drinks vs Traditional Edibles

Fast-acting weed drinks like those from Hi5 deliver nano-emulsified THC particles. What’s this mean exactly?

Basically, you’re getting THC in smaller particles that are broken down quicker and easier absorbed by the body. Many of the particles don’t have to go through the full digestive system to kick in because they get absorbed by the soft tissues in your throat and mouth.

In the end, this means instead of waiting for 30 to 90 minutes for your high to hit all at once, you feel the effects within about five minutes. The effects are more like a slow lull instead of a freight train. So, the effects are easier to monitor, and you can sip your weed drink until you’re happy with the experience.Hi5 Energy weed drinks are made with the same state-of-the-art fast-acting THC. And, caffeine already acts quickly (also within about five minutes), so you get effects from both ingredients in as little as a few minutes. You have full control over creating your preferred buzz with no guesswork involved.

Hi5 Always Delivers When It Comes to Weed Drinks

Whether you’re ready to try drinking weed for the first time or anxious to get your hands on drinks with caffeine and THC, Hi5 delivers.Hi5 is making the phrase “fast-acting edible” a common term in the ever-growing cannabis stratosphere. From the award-winning Hi5 Seltzers to the tasty Hi5 Sodas, and now Hi5 Energy, you can find weed drinks for every preferred experience.

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